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Saturday, February 15 2020

“For your eyes have seen all the great work of the LORD that He did” (Deut 11:7 ESV). Moses reminded Israel of God’s discipline when He brought them out of Egypt by signs before Pharaoh including destroying Pharaoh’s army by the waters of the Red Sea (Deut 11:3–6). What signs have you seen that God has done? Consider every cooing baby and all the life on the earth, and look at every starry nightfall and glowing daybreak that displays the creation of the universe. What is the enduring purpose of it all but signs in an amazing display of creative power in every work of God?


Have you seen signs in your life as God has brought you through times that you couldn’t imagine facing? Consider God’s discipline of His people of Israel:


1. Those who love God and keep His commands see how God disciplines His people (Deut 11:1). God disciplines His people with an outstretched hand. God brings His people through difficult trials to make them better people. This is true for His people of Israel in the Old Testament and for His people, the church, in the New Testament. The writer of Hebrews revealed that God disciplines His people for their own good (Heb 12:7, 10). God’s discipline for His children is not pleasant but produces “the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it” (Heb 12:11).


2. Those who keep God’s commands become strong (Deut 11:8)When people are obedient to God and keep His whole command, then God gives them strength. God told Israel that they would be strong to overcome the inhabitants of the land of Canaan by remaining obedient to His commands (Deut 11:8–9). Furthermore, God blessed Israel by giving them a promised land that flows with milk and honey receiving heaven’s rains upon its hill and valleys, because God cares for the land and His eyes are on it throughout the year (11:11–12).


3. God provides for those who love Him and keep His commandments (Deut 11:13)For this reason, Moses taught Israel to serve God with all their heart and soul, because God did not want Israel to be led away by other gods (11:16). God warned Israel that they would face the curse of His anger if they went after such gods. God promised the curse of shutting up the rains of the heavens. Pagan gods are evil invented for the worship of mammon and lusts leaving their worshipers without pity to sacrifice their own children in fire.


4. God’s words are to be on one’s heart and soul (Deut 11:18)God’s words are to be like a sign on the hand or on the frontlets of the eyes. In other words, God’s people must put God’s words before them in all they do with their hands and perceive with their eyes. The Word of God will change the believer's perception when it is foremost in one’s life. For this reason, the believer should teach their children when sitting, walking, rising, and laying (Deut 11:19). God’s words belong written on our doorposts and gates as a constant reminder of going in and out (11:20).


Everyone who comes near our homes should know where we stand with God. Imagine posting Scriptures above the doors of your home and over the gates of your fence. No one in your home will escape the priority of God’s words in your lives. Furthermore, think about what causes you to be encouraged and talk about your faith. Keep following that route and continue to read and share those scriptures with your family. Don’t keep it shut up from your children.

            God set before His people of Israel both a blessing and a curse (Deut 11:26–28). Today, this is true for all people. Rebellion against God is a cursed life, but a righteous life is a blessing. We may not have the individual power and influence to change the world by politics and edicts, but we can change the world around us by the strength given to us by God's Spirit (Eph 3:16). We can affect change in the people around us by obeying God with all our heart and soul and so love others with the love that God has poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit.

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