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Paul taught the church to maintain the traditions just as delivered, and then he taught that God is the head of Christ, Christ is the head of man, and man is the head of woman. This message addresses this statement's basis in God creating man distinctively from woman. Furthermore, the text applies this practice to men uncovering and women covering their heads in teaching and prayer.
The dead can't warm you about your life. Mediums are not really contacting the dead. However, the dead may want warn you about your life and what is to come from your living. Jesus warned about the lack of compassion and giving that leads to torment in fire. This message will explain more about what Jesus means by Hell.
The church at Corinth had been justifying behaviors that hurt more than oneself but other "weak" Christians. Paul reminded of their communion with Christ's body and blood to teach them not to justify communing with demons. This message draws out essential points for not justifying specific actions to join with evil.
Jesus commands His disciples not to be anxious. How can Jesus command this of all disciples? Christ warned of how anxieties and cares can choke out faith in God's Word. Jesus gave instruction for what to focus and seek so that His followers will not lack the necessities of life. This message turns to the Bible to gain that truth.
The apostle Paul made himself a servant to all. In 1 Corinthians 9, Paul revealed the right of the evangelist to receive payment for his labor, but he didn't use the right for sale of those who are weak. Paul sets an example being willing to become like those who are weak in faith to win them. He disciplined himself for the good of others. This message observes how the apostle gave up rights to serve all.
The apostle Paul addressed those spreading false teaching who have swerved from rightly using the law, thinking that they have an understanding, and teaching speculations in vain discussions. At the core, these teachers have drifted from sound doctrine by lacking certain qualities. This message examines these qualities as the aim of the Apostles' charge.
How you view your body affects how you use your body. The Christian view of the body is that God meant the body to glorify God. Furthermore, using one's body for sexual immortality affects your commitment to Christ. The Bible instructs us to flee from sexual immortality. Furthermore, this message expands on how God gave marriage for those tempted by sexual sins.
Solomon urged his listeners to remember their Creator in the days of their youth before the evil days come. This message references research that reveals when youth begin to question and some leave their faith. The disciple-making of the church must include the children and students directing them to the only lasting hope in Jesus Christ and faith by a reasonable view of God.
A man has taken his father's wife, and the church at Corinth did not respond to this open sin by someone having the name of brother in Christ. However, the apostle Paul pronounced judgment in his absence and corrected the church for allowing this to continue. First Corinthians 5 and 6 challenge Christians to stand against continued sin and to judge one another within the church rather than before unbelieving judges.
Should Christians act as citizens in this world? This message examines a number of scriptures to find how Christians are to live as citizens of heaven and of one's nation. How will you stand by faith in Christ before the public arena?
Every profitable trade requires training. Likewise, Christians need training to grow. Believers are capable of growing to maturity. While facing his death, Peter wrote some final words to urge Christians to keep growing because of the dangers that face them, so he revealed how to supplement one's faith.
The perception of church leaders often causes division rather degrades or puffed up. The apostle Paul presents the apostles as servants, stewards of God's Word, and last among all. They endured many trials unlike many other teachers influencing the church. For this reason, Paul taught the church not to go beyond what is written in judgment of them. The Scriptures are fully sufficient.
Jesus taught of the coming age of true worship not in any specific place but in spirit and truth. This message draws from John 4 to understand worship in spirit and truth. Jesus offers God's gift of eternal life as He did when He sat beside Jacob's well in Samaria and requested that a Samaritan woman give Him a drink. Jesus kept leading her to the truth that He was the Messiah and now God seeks true worshipers.
GARLAND BASFORD - This message is a survey of Jesus's prayer life through the Gospel of Luke. Jesus's life of prayer is apparent at essential points in His ministry. In Luke, Jesus taught the example prayer that the believer should want to learn to pray as Christ commands.
Jesus sang with His disciples before going to the Garden of Gethsamane on the night of His betrayal. Psalm 22 prophesied of the Messiah singing and glorifying God in the congregation. As Christ sang, singing is an essential behavior of the Christian faith. As Christians are priests in God's temple --- the church, Christians offer spiritual offerings of praise as the fruit of the lips. This message draws points on the purpose of congregational singing as commanded in the Scriptures.
How can you know that you have not been deceived? A person must have an objective foundation for knowing the truth. For the church of Christ, the foundation is Jesus Christ. Many want to build carnal things by worldly wisdom upon Jesus Christ. The apostle Paul revealed that all things will be tested by fire. He also taught that God will destroy anyone who destroys His holy temple --- the church. This message explores the Scriptures drawing insight for avoiding deception in the church.
Every spiritual blessing is in Christ. Redemption and eternal inheritance are all in Christ. The Scriptures reveal only one way to get into Christ. This message goes to Bible to see how one receives the blessings that are in Christ.
The apostle Paul did not go out into the world preaching via rhetoric and philosophy. Paul preached Christ crucified. Paul had to teach again that Christ is the wisdom of God and that the apostles' wisdom came from the Holy Spirit. This message stresses Christ as the wisdom of God and the foundation of churches to remain united.
What are the beliefs of the churches of Christ? This message gives a brief introduction to the beliefs and mentality of the churches of Christ. The church of Jesus Christ must maintain the apostles' traditions as they delivered them (1 Cor 11:1-2).
Lot chose to move to Sodom, into the midst of sin. People cried out to God against the city. The sins that we overlook every day have consequences. Lot is an example of such dismissal and casting pearls before swine. Righteousness does not partake of lawlessness.
The church at Corinth was divided and had many problems. The apostle Paul wrote appealing to them to unite and agree, because Christians can. The philosophy of the world infected this church's core beliefs, brought forth sin, and produced division. This message focuses on church unity and preaching God's wisdom who is Jesus Christ. Christians must start with the pure gospel to unite together in God's authority taught in the words of the apostles.
When God destroyed the Earth with a flood, God had seen the evil and violence throughout the world. God saw that the intentions of everyone and the thoughts of their hearts were evil continually. However, Noah found God's favor and grace because he was righteous, blameless, and walked with God. God's grace came with instructions to build an ark for salvation. This sermon looks to Noah's example of faithfulness and leadership as a father to save his family through the water.
Jesus's resurrection is the victory over death. How Jesus resurrected determined the beginning of the church. Jesus sent His disciples out to proclaim the gospel as witnesses, but first, Jesus had to address their acceptance and belief of the witnesses.
This message considers the encouraging account of Ruth with her loyalty and love for Naomi. Such character is always needed in Christian homes and the church today.
Should preachers dismiss Jesus's burial from the gospel of Jesus Christ? Many have in their preaching and by excluding baptism as a burial with Christ. This message draws from significant details attesting to the honoriable burial of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark.
No one can be a saved without confessing faith that Jesus bodily resurrected. This message presents the evidences of Jesus's resurrection. When Peter preached on the Pentecost following Jesus's crucifixion, he proclaimed Jesus's resurrection with specific proofs as noted in this sermon. The historical evidences of Jesus's resurrection stand today.
What effect would seeing Jesus crucified have on you? The Centurion who saw Jesus die declared, "Truly this man was the Son of God." The fulfilled predictions and historical facts stand out in the Gospel of Mark. This message depicts and draws from Mark's Gospel the details from its eyewitness source.
Today, many distort the meaning of Jesus's sacrificial suffering in His beatings, scourging, and crucifixion. This message observes the false witnesses, true accusations, and mockery of Jesus throughout His suffering.
Judas is the "betrayer." The traiterous kiss of Judas is relatable to anyone who has a friend stab them in the back. This message draws from Judas's betrayal and applies this event to the Christian's life so that today's believer does not do the same.
What was the cause of the universe --- nothing, a mindless generator, or a mindful Creator? This message encourages listeners to seek out the most reasonable explanation for the existence of the universe. The Bible presents how God created a fully functioning and mature universe that accounts for the state of isotopes in rocks used for radiometric dating. Listen for this and more.
"Why can I not stop?" Everyone is at war with temptations. Many believers struggle with sin. The Bible tells us that for a person to be transformed then that one must renew the mind and set the mind on the Spirit. This sermon addresses how to set the mind.
Jesus's prayers in the garden emphasize His full humanity in the face of suffering and death. This message draws out from the Scriptures the humility and emotive response of Jesus. His example of prayer resembled His whole life of prayer. Disciples have much to gain by studying Jesus's example today.
The Holy Spirit appoints church elders by the word that gives specific qualifications. The church needs elders. The Scriptures reveal that a church without elders is lacking. This message addresses the blessing of having qualified elders and their essential work in the church.
While the chief priests and sectarian groups disputed among themselves, a man came to Jesus having heard His answers to these leaders in the temple complex. He asked, "Which commandment is the most important of all?" This message explores to the teachable character of that man.
Paul commanded Timothy to teach faithful people who would teach others. This is the perpetual mission that Jesus gave to His disciples, so this is the mission of the church. This message addresses the need for teaching and discipleship after baptism that is essential to make disciples who make disciples.
What keeps you from focusing on what really matters --- trusting in Jesus Christ? Seeing a miracle is not enough. Jesus's disciples had to perceive and understand as Jesus taught them on the Sea of Galilee.
Jesus teaches His disciples about godly leadership. Jesus led His disciples to Jerusalem where He would give Himself as a ransom for many. Christ came to serve so must His disciples serve.
What is the hope of the gospel? Christians believe in the one hope that Jesus bodily resurrected from the dead and so will the faithful resurrect like Christ (1 Cor 6:14). This sermon draws from the Scriptures about the resurrection to eternal life.
What is the gospel that Christians are proclaiming? A lot of what Christendom is proclaiming is not of first importance to the gospel. This lesson reflects upon how the apostles preached the good message to the world.
"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few." Jesus instructed His disciples to pray for laborers to go into the harvest. Likewise, the apostle Paul wrote from prison seeking prayers for wisdom to speak the gospel. Prayer is one of the essentials of evangelism. This message explores some essential to begin sharing the faith.
Jesus marveled at the unbelief of those who recognized His miracles and were astonished at the wisdom of His teaching. However, Jesus continued moving and teaching more. Christians should learn from Christ's perseverance.
Christians have weapons from God to destroy strongholds raised up against God. This message presents a simple biblical approach to correcting false views of God. By graciously doing so, the faithful open doors to sharing the gospel effectively.
Jesus demonstrated His authority by forgiving sins and healing a paralytic man. Christ's authority in speech to heal, forgive, and so much more reveal that Jesus is God in the flesh. Therefore, believers have all the more reason to observe all that Jesus has commanded.
Jesus Christ amazes in the Gospel of Mark. His teachings and works attest that He is the Son of God, God in the flesh, and the Christ who resurrected from the dead. These select sermons from the Gospel of Mark come from the exposition of Scott Shifferd.
How does the world know what love is? Love is not an invention of men. Love is eternal. For love to be eternal, a Being must exist eternally to possess love. This message focuses on how faith in the God of Christ is faith in God who is love. God revealed His love in Jesus's sacrifice.
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