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What are the miraculous gifts of the Holy Spirit? What was the purpose of these gifts? The Bible answers these questions directly. This message draws out the truth about these spiritual gifts from the Scriptures to expose the many assumptions about the Holy Spirit.
John's Revelation is a text of victory encouraging churches so to ensure and not compromise the truth. However, many churches drift into error and Christ calls these churches to repent. This message seeks to help churches listen to Jesus's love in which He reproves and disciplines.
The message presents the beliefs of the early church for what Jesus and the apostles taught about the gift of the Holy Spirit in distinction from the charismatic gifts that are a unique part of the general gift of the Spirit.
Have you ever ignored a warning label? Often, we learn the hard way. The biblical writer John warned the early church about antichrists and their deception that flanked the convictions of many. This message addresses what John taught Christians to do to avoid the devastating consequences of those trying to change the identity of Jesus of Nazareth.
Why do the Scriptures predict the pouring out of the Spirit? How can the Spirit be poured out like a liquid? This message answers these questions about the Holy Spirit and presents the active work of the Spirit in the churches of Christ.
Jesus prayed for future believers to be one. Jesus prayed that the church is one flock with one Shepherd. This message draws from Jesus's prayer to unite in God the Father and Christ. Therefore, one church must exist as one in Christ.
Jesus gave a new command to His apostles to love as Jesus loved them. By that love, the world will recognize the disciples of Christ. However, that does not mean the world will join the faithful but Jesus reported that the world will still hate Christians. This message encourages us love like Christ, which is counter cultural. Christians don't love like the world as Christ stood against the evil and hypocricy of the world.
Jesus of Nazareth promised His Spirit to His messengers --- the Apostles. Jesus told them that the Spirit of Good would guide them into all truth. The first followers of Jesus lacked nothing because Jesus's messengers had all truth to give to all who trust in Jesus. This message stresses the mission of God's Spirit to transform with truth those who trust in God to be more like Jesus.
Jesus of Nazareth taught that those who would not listen to Him because they did not believe His works. If they believed His works, then they would listen and understand Him, so they could follow Jesus. Jesus gives eternal life to those who follow Him. This message focuses on reasons to trust that Jesus did miraculous works so that believers may become followers and inherit eternal life.
The Holy Spirit has a significant role in bringing Christ into the world. The message examines the way that the Spirit worked within Christ without measure.
Christ came into the world and the world did not know Him. The Gospel of John illustrates bringing others to Christ and sharing Christ and eternal life. This message is a simple observation of people coming to Christ and becoming confident in leading others to Jesus Christ.
The Old Testament Scriptures reveal much about the work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit spoke by the prophets giving them revelation. Likewise, Isaiah predicted the Holy Spirit of wisdom and knowledge would rest upon the Christ, who is the Prophet predicted by Moses. This message draws essential points from scriptures about the operation of the Holy Spirit in giving God's wisdom in His Word.
What is a living sacrifice? The apostle Paul expanded on the teaching of Christ revealing how baptized believers are transformed. This message builds on how to change your life as Good wants you to do. Jesus taught how it is essential to take up one's cross daily to be His disciple and to lose one's life to be saved.
Being zealous for God is not enough according to Romans 10. Paul taught that one must have knowledge. What knowledge? Paul means a knowledge built on saving faith that Jesus is the Lord and that He resurrected from the dead. This message draws vital points like these that are essential to preaching the gospel.
This message is in a series of messages covering what the Bible reveals about the Holy Spirit. In this sermon, the operation of the Holy Spirit among the nation of Israel is emphasized to recognize the work of the Spirit to come through Jesus Christ.
As difficult as it is for people to reconcile with one another, no one should think it is a small thing that God reconciled sinners and enemies through Jesus Christ. This message draws observations from Romans 5 to realize the magnitude of God's gift of grace and reconciling humanity through Jesus. The blessings are numerous and great so that every faithful Christian has reason to rejoice and enjoy hearing these scriptures.
The Spirit hovered over the face of the deep. Who not what is the Holy Spirit? This message observes insights from the Scriptures to see what the Spirit reveals about Himself.
The apostle Paul sought to evangelize to the church in Rome. However, Paul first taught about God's judgment revealing that all stand accountable before God, because all have sinned. The background of judgment reveals the need for God's justness and a Savior.
This message concludes a long series from 1 Corinthians where the apostle Paul collected much error to unify this congregation. First Corinthians shows Christians how to unite in doctrine, discipline, God-given tradition, and more. For the preacher, this encouragement becomes personal and heartfelt.
This message helps Christians to understand how God changes repentant believers into a new person throughout life. God does the work of raising the believer alive to new life putting off the old self of sin. The focus and perspective of the Christian changes to Christ and so changes one's life.
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Kids' Bible Club

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